Friday, February 13, 2009


After knowing Adsense can be a real way of earn-money program that accept every publisher.I guess you must be energized. Thus, are you ready to earn money from Adsesne? Please read the steps below, and click the Signup Button right in the middle for quickest signup.

Before you apply for an Adsense Account, please make sure that you have an appropriate website that has never been applied for Adsense before. In term of consider it appropriate or not, your site should be free from porn informations and adult pictures. Apart from that, your site shouldn't be made only for displaying adsense ads. In other words, your site should not be content-free.

Next, go to Google Adsense website or use the bottom below to get access to the signup page directly., and start applying in Adsense. Provide your personal information including your name, country of origin, mailing address, and your site URL etc. For those who want to receive check, you can change your mailing address anytime, no worry or you may even choose EFT to be the choice of payment, if your countries is supported for using EFT.

After that, Google needs to review your site and decide if your site is suitable for putting adsense or not. Normally, it only takes you 2 - 3 business days. However, for certain occassion, it will take as long as 7 business days. Just be patient, and wait for that period of time. However, some people still say they do not receive any reply from Google after a week. Never mind, send them an email and ask them about the progress of review. They are welcome to answer your it.

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